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With Endocanna Health, you are moments away from unlocking the potential of your DNA! Our team understands that everyone has their own unique genetic makeup and works hard to offer precision guidance for a tailored therapeutic experience. Plus, with our concierge care service, we guarantee an expert assessment of your results—all it takes is one simple telehealth appointment or call-in session. So why wait? Let's get started now on viewing your personalized EndoDNA™ report via existing 23andMe/Ancestry files today!   

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Register on with your unique license key.

You’ll need your LICENSE KEY to register on so you can upload your existing DNA file and view your report. Your license will be automatically generated and sent via a separate email. Occasionally, SPAM filters will block your email delivery. If you do not receive the email, you can use this temporary license key to register:

Temporary License Key (expires in 48 hours)


Upload your 23andMe or Ancestry DNA raw data file.

Next Steps for Raw Data Upload License Purchases can be found here:

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