CHS DNA Susceptibility Test

The test will identify if you have the genetic markers associated with CHS. Patients are encouraged to order the test through their physician as a part of the diagnostic process.

As more people take the test, a deeper understanding of CHS will emerge, which researchers hope will ultimately lead to more definitive diagnosis and better treatment options, and increase our understanding of the disorder.

Our home-based saliva collection kit is all you need to send your DNA to our lab U.S.-based CLIA Certified Laboratory. Your test results will be delivered to your personal and secure HIPAA compliant email. You are encouraged to share your results with your physician as a part of the diagnostic process.  

  • ·DNA Sample Collection Kit
    • ·Step-by-step collection instructions
    • ·Pre-paid return mailer
    • ·United States-based CLIA certified laboratory analysis
    • ·CHS DNA Susceptibility report
    • ·Automatic, lifetime updates as research become available